Congratulations on your promotion, Subrahmanyam!

Please join us in a warm congratulations for Subrahmanyam.  He has been promoted to SENIOR DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER.

SubrahmanyamSubrahmanyam post graduated from Andhra University with a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA). He joined Nyros shortly after education in 2011.

As a fresher, Subrahmanyam showed average skills in training. Progressively, he grew to be an exemplar of an effective developer. He started with the earliest version of Rails and brushed up his skills to budge in the latest 4 version. He respectfully follows the organization policies and we truly are overwhelmed with his serene professional attitude. It is leadership by example and an inspiration for all of us. His dedication towards the company is highly appreciable and we see him soaring great career heights in near future.

Subrahmanyam has become part of our family on his journey to a senior role.  Congratulations, Subrahmanyam!!!

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