Condolences to Siva Shankar

Nyros conveys its deep condolences and sympathy to Siva Shankar and pray God to give him the strength to bear the loss of his mother(on Saturday 10th of May 2008).

7 thoughts on “Condolences to Siva Shankar

  1. Dear ShivaShankar:

    I am so deeply sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. What can I say? It is a horrible thing to loose someone you love. I know that only time will help you deal with what has happened. Any way, don’t loose your mind, try to keep cool and steady.

    With a heavy heart-

    v.v.s prasad

  2. I was deeply grieved to hear the sad news of Shivsamkar’s mother.May God give him the strength and the courage to bear this irreparable loss.

    Be Strong .. Don’t loose your strength, We are all here with You…..and will be with you all the time….

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